A quick guide to drugs & alcohol

cover quick guide to drugs and alcohol


Available in all NSW public libraries.

Easy-to-read resource written for an Australian audience. Includes information on a range of drugs, drug effects, drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law and where to go for help and further information. This book is intended for anyone who is interested in finding accurate information about drugs and alcohol - for young people, their parents, teachers and the community, it is not a medical or scientific book.

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About the authors

Matthew Dunn
Dr Matthew Dunn is a Lecturer at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC). He is currently investigating illicit drug use among elite and university student athletes. He has previously been coordinator of the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS). Prior to joining NDARC, he lectured in social and developmental psychology at the University of Sydney as well as in developmental psychology at the Australian Catholic University.

Heather Proudfoot
Dr Heather Proudfoot is currently a consultant at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC). She has published on general drug and alcohol issues with a special interest in the comorbidity of drugs and alcohol with other mental health problems. Her other research interests are effective treatments and pathways to care for alcohol problems.

Steve Bolt (author of Chapter 15 Drugs and the law)
Steve Bolt is a solicitor partner at Bolt Findlay Solicitors & Mediators. He worked for several years at Redfern Legal Centre. From 1996 to early 2004, he was the principal solicitor at the Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre. Steve is the author of Rough Deal, a plain English book about the NSW drug laws . He is also the author of a number of other publications on drug laws and drug policy.

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)
The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) is an internationally recognised Research Centre of Excellence. The Centre is multidisciplinary and collaborates with medicine, psychology, social science and other schools of the University of NSW, as well as with a range of other institutions and individuals in Australia and overseas.


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A quick guide to drugs and alcohol

A quick guide to drugs & alcohol

Easy-to-read resource, available in all NSW public libraries.

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